What to expect from RCL2017...

After some very hectic years with little opportunity for writing, I am very excited to bring The Runway Centreline back to life for 2017. I've been incubating a few ideas over the last 12 months or so and, while I have a lot of work in front of me, I think the next 12 months are going to be very exciting.

I have been working the cognitive muscles over the last couple of months writing a new series for New Airport Insider on airport people power. As with most managers, my job has become more about the people than the technical. Being a leader is a role I am greatly enjoying. Especially, as it allows me to branch out into other areas of airport management (see below).

So what can you expect on the new The Runway Centreline?

Web Services & Airport Management - Every person and their favourite animal companion writes about the internet and I know it can seem like an Ouroboros*. But I am really interested in cool internet-based services, platforms & apps that can be used in an airport management context. Some will be aviation related and some will be complete misappropriations of systems that were never meant to go near an airport.

Training - I have always loved training, learning & development. Not just for me but also with what I can offer. After running training courses for Aerodrome Reporting Officers for two years and training hundreds of people, I really missed the interactions with people just getting into the aviation industry. I get a little bit of it know through team development and I've tried to capture that feeling when writing a free iBook, but I'm looking to do something more in this area - stay tuned.

Lean & Six Sigma - I've hovered around this topic for a couple of years but, honestly, its power is only just starting to become apparent to me. I think my problem has been that I haven't had the right translator, instructor or mentor. Recently however, I have stumbled on to a good online course, met some airport-based practitioners and had the odd epiphany. I'll be looking to share some of my thoughts on this subject soon.

Ground Transport - I started airside and was, for a long term, adamant that that was where all the action was and if your into heavy metal operating in inherently perilous conditions, it is. But I find myself leading a project to deliver a Park & Ride service at my current airport and the landside part of the airport is a brave new world worthy of exploring.

Practical Risk Management - I have always tried to be pragmatic when it comes to risk management but for future posts, I'm looking to be more practical. 

Safety Management - I'm never going to stray far from my roots, so expect the odd writing on safety management. Especially given that I've stepped back in time and am going through the introduction of Safety Management Systems all over again!

Happy New Year!

* Don't worry, I had to look that one up too.