Comment on Firearm Safety Recommended Practice

The good folk over at the Australian Aviation Wildlife Hazard Group (AAWHG) have released their first Recommended Practice. It's still in draft form and comments are welcome. First off the block is a draft RP 3.2.1 - Firearm Safety. The document outlines a range of "shoulds" and is a great start, if not an end, for airport operators to get their own processes and procedures up to an industry standard - perhaps even, best practice.

I applaud the AAWHG for going down this route. Industry standards are a great way for us to lift our own performance in a cooperative, intelligent and context-driven way. I can't wait to see more RPs from the AAWHG and perhaps some more from other industry groups.

If you want to comment on RP 3.2.1, you have until the 16th September to send them through to