Advisory Material

Draft AC 139 - HazMat Handling - Open for Comment

Here is another chance to have your say - this time it's a revision of the old CAAP 89I-1(2) to match the more modern CASR Part 139 and associated advisory circular format. Draft AC 139-12(0) - Handling of Hazardous Materials on an Aerodrome "provides guidance to Aerodrome Operators on aerodrome administration andoperating procedures for the handling of hazardous materials on the aerodrome" as required by CASR 139.095.

Send your comments to Matt Windebank by 3 October 2011.

New Advisory Circular - Aerodrome Staff Training

A reformatted and revised CAAP 89C-1 has been released under the current regulatory regime as AC 139-13(0) - Training of Aerodrome Reporting Officers & Works Safety Officers. Overall, the new AC outlines CASA expectations with respect to aerodrome staff training with nationally-recognised training featuring heavily. While Registered Training Organisations were included in previous advisory material, this material was published prior to the development of the Aviation Training Package (AVI08). This package supersedes the Australian Airport's Association's competency standards - although these are still available on the CASA website.

What's New

There are some new recommendations to be found inside the AC. Training should take at least five days and students with no prior experience should undertake an extra two days of practical field experience. Plus refresher training should be conducted at least every five years although two is recommended.

More to Come

There are quite a few active aerodrome regulatory projects in progress - stay tuned for more releases.