The Best Job in the World

I am overcome with the desire to gloat. I have, in my humble opinion, the best job in the world. Now this might be the exhaustion talking but this week has had a great mix of new experiences, further development in existing skills and a real sense of progress. The reason I'm exhausted is that my schedule this week has been chaotic. I've worked on average only 11 hours or so for each of the first three days this week but those hours have included evenings, mornings and a fair bit of back of the clock "flying".

In the last 24 hours, I've participated in a high-level meeting on airport strategy and key action items with senior management, been the aerodrome works safety officer for an asphalt crew conducting repairs to the apron, refined our internal reporting processes, collated key statistics for our information centre, negotiated with a contractor on scope changes and used a back-pack, petrol-driven blower to clear away FOD on the recently repaired apron, on my own, at 0400, in a slight drizzle.

The only downside was accepting the resignation of a good worker and friend.

Other than that, I reckon I have the best job in the world.

Runway Sunrise
Runway Sunrise