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Back 2011, I started blogging as a way of capturing my various thoughts and observations regarding safe airport operation. As a government airport safety inspector at the time, I encountered the same problems at many airports and I thought blogging about them might help those I had audited or were about to audit. At the very least, it gave me an avenue to solidify my thoughts and share the insights I was gaining at the time.

I have transferred the whole archive onto this platform with a couple of posts below and the whole archive here.


The Regulator's Lot Archives

After changing positions within the Civil Aviation Safety Authority, in 2012, I switched my blogging focus to more academic topics focusing on risk management and aviation regulation. These were the things I was working on then but the process helped to form some of the practical risk management approaches I take now. Being back in the industry, I see people getting stuck doing the same thing they saw someone else do without every trying to fill the gaps or challenge inconsistency. The point of this blog was to challenge that thinking.

I've brought these posts over to this new platform too - you can find all of them here.