Confidential Reporting - Have your say

The ATSB has posted, today, a discussion paper and set of draft regulations covering its confidential reporting system. You can have your say on the proposals with submissions accepted until the 16th December 2011. Comments, questions etc. can be sent to repconreform@atsb.gov.au. The discussion paper covers the 'no-blame' and 'just culture' approaches to reporting systems - no, they are not the same. These are concepts I'm very keen to research more, so stayed tuned - don't hold your breath though, its pretty hectic over here right now but I will try to post a few more things this week.


Dilbert on Risk Management

Dilbert.com The ingenious Scott Adams definitely has a knack for breaking down business/social situations and highlighting the absurdity of all-too-common actions. I've seen this one quite a few times during safety audits and often, people show as little shame as you'd expect to see from the "pointy-haired boss".

I think this comes from a fundamental mis-understanding of the reason for risk management. It is not a task you complete to tick a compliance box - it is what you do to satisfy yourself that your plan is sound.

Enough preaching - check out this page for more of Dilbert on risk management.